About Us

New Beginning

About us

The Cervantes Group has a career in the restaurant sector of the hystoric of malaga, being the most popular and offering for years dishes of great quality, freshness, originality and the best wines.

How it started

Gabriel and Romina, professional restaurateurs from the Argentine, came to Malaga in 2008, loved it and decided to stay. First they appraised the atmosphere of the city, local customs and premises available. Then they made the decision to settle for El Tapeo de Cervantes, at number 11 Carcer Street in the old quarter.

Since then, business has gone from strength to strength, opening El meson de Cervantes, Vineria Cervantes, , at the end of 2016, La Taberna de Cervantes and now Pampa Grill.

All restaurants have proved popular with locals and visitors alinke, and have become the benchmark of Tapas & food in Malaga

Several Spaces

A combination of lights, style and flavors

In the heart of malaga, our grill has several spaces adapted to groups, families and couples. Choose your favorite corner!!!

Grill in sight

Enjoy our kitchen in the air, watching as the meat is slowly charred.